Alan Tarpey, Artist

Flannerys Pub, Athlone – 16 X 20, 2016
Above Header : presentation of St Bernards piece to Prof. Mary McCarron at Trinity College, Dublin, 8th Nov 2019
An artist from the Midlands/west of Ireland who featured on Brent Pope Inside Out, an RTÉ documentary, in 2015. Chosen by Brent Pope and IMMA historian Catherine Marshall as one of five artists out of a total of 500 plus applicants.–KSmz7wtQ

My studio can be seen just two seconds in!


I love painting people and animals and the spaces they inhabit, using pen and ink to bring out the colour of the subject. An eyesore in real life can be relieved by my stroke”

All works on here are currently in play.

Sizes: A1 max is 300 euro, A2 – 200,

16 X 20 – 120